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Centered regular text.


Centering equation by centering the latex text:

\displaystyle\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{n^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}. \\ 4

Above does not work with tables.  Multiple lines with \\ look awkward.  Only first line is centered.


Aligning equations using \begin{array}.  To center begin latex with <p align=”center”>\ and \ end ~ with \quad </p>.  Will need to check by going between Visual and Text modes.  Note that there probably will be strange behavior by the location of </p> in the Text mode when going between the two modes and will probably have to correct it multiple times.  Note that the lines need to be tight in Text mode – no extra line of space between the latex code, and this needs to be edited and checked in Text mode, not Visual mode.:


\begin{array}{rcl} f: R^3 & \to & R \\  (x,y,z) & \to & x + y + z \\  f(x,y,z) & = & x + y + z  \end{array}


Centered table:

\begin{tabular}{ |c|c|c| }  \hline  One & Two & Three \\  \hline  1/2 & 49 & 6 \\  1/3 & 32 & 8 \\  \hline  \end{tabular}



rcl: three columns, the first column right-justified, the middle one centered, and the third column left-justified