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Jordi Alba ”I sleep for 12 to 13 hours at night. Then I nap for two, three or four hours more. It’s one of the keys to my strength.”

The more you sleep, up to some limit (maybe 8 hours, maybe 12 hours, maybe 17 hours), the more effective you are when you are awake.  I wonder if there is an “optimal” amount of sleep to awake ratio depending on what your daytime activities are.  For professional athletes (though it would depend on their sport), perhaps the optimal sleep : awake ratio is higher than average.  For intellectual activities (though this would also depend on what kind of intellectual activity: logical, creative, using knowledge you already know, or learning and then using knowledge that you never knew before), I wonder what the optimal ratio is.  (Of course there would be individual differences, but let’s say we can average those out.)

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